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Startup or Slides? Which one to choose?

These two products are built on different platforms. The Startup 3 is based on Bootstrap, which is good for developers familiar with it. Slides Framework comes with its own framework architecture.

Slides is a great product for a promo websites of any kind, where you can have animations between blocks and elements. The main purpose of it is to impress a visitor and attract to your key features.
Startup 3, on the other hand, is perfect for the start-up websites, where there is a lot of info to show. It’s easier to build a multi-page website on blocks from Startup 3.

Both of them comes with handy generators, which can export ready-made templates, which you can edit locally using the code editor on your computer and upload the result on your hosting using FTP or any other tool available for you. You can use them for an unlimited amount of pages, projects, and websites. There are no limitations on a number of exports for both of them.

Updated on December 23, 2019

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