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How to Embed Video into a Postcards Email Template

Adding a YouTube video to your email newsletter can significantly boost engagement and provide a richer experience for your subscribers. This guide will walk you through the simple steps to embed a YouTube video into your email newsletter using the Postcards email builder, without needing any coding knowledge.

Video Tutorial

Text Tutorial

1. Launch the Postcards Email Builder

Start by opening the Postcards email builder. This is where you’ll create your email design.

How to Embed YouTube Video Into Email

2. Insert the Video Module

Drag and drop the video module into your email template.

Embed YouTube Video Into Email

3. Insert the Video URL

Copy the URL of the YouTube video you want to include. Paste this URL into the specified area in Postcards. The app will automatically add a thumbnail of the video and link it to the YouTube video.

Insert the Video URL

4. Customize Your Design

  • Adjust Padding: Click on the video block to create more space around it.
  • Rounded Corners: Add rounded corners to the video image for a better look.
  • Image Transparency: Increase the transparency of the image to highlight the play button.
  • Play Button Design: Change the design, color, and transparency of the play button if needed.

Customize Your Design

5. Preview the Mobile Version

Check how your email looks on a mobile device. Ensure everything is aligned properly and make any necessary adjustments.

Preview the Mobile Version

6. Conduct a Live Test

Send a test email to yourself. Open the email and click on the video to make sure it redirects to YouTube correctly.

Conduct a Live Test

7. Export and Distribute

Once you’re happy with the email, export it and send it through Outlook or your preferred email marketing tool. Postcards allows easy integration with many popular tools.

Export and Distribute

We hope this guide helps you embed YouTube videos in your email newsletters using Postcards. Enjoy creating engaging emails for your audience!

Updated on June 13, 2024
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