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Flash of unstyled content while loading page

Why is it happening?
Currently, your configuration tells slides to put styles at the bottom of the page, which means the final design will be shown at the very last moment. This modification is aimed to reduce the loading time and show the first meaningful paint earlier in the load, which is good for SEO.

How to fix this?
There are two ways you can “fight” this —

  1. Put styles into the <head> section of the page: https://cl.ly/9eb2ec40592a
  2. Improve the look for the layout by adding necessary styles in the head section. We have already added some styles, that hiding even more ugly stuff 🙂 But you can always extend that list and adding those manually:  https://cl.ly/b7a9191c45e4 We will also improve the look of unstyled content in the near future.
Updated on December 23, 2019
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