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Common Issues with Outlook Email Templates

Outlook is inherently limited when it comes to HTML functionality. Remember that because Outlook is an email client vs a sending platform, Outlook may disregard or alter HTML/design elements which could lead to inconsistent results beyond our control. 

In other words, a few design elements we have included below may appear broken with Outlook. We want you to avoid these issues and have the best and most professional design possible. 

  • To render the best results with Outlook, we recommend a simple, single-column layout. 
  • We also recommend avoiding rounded buttons in your design if you plan to send with Outlook as these will not retain the design quality well once you send out the emails. Specifically, rounded buttons will appear square-shaped in the final email 
  • Backgrounds do not render for individual containers; please avoid them. To fix this issue, we offer the VML file that you can download from Postcards.
  • Menu tabs will lose their style.

Here are a few other common issues with Outlook that we have provided some recommendations for below:

Fixing The Dreaded Random White Line

You may notice a white line in between sections, which is caused by Outlook when it converts pixels into points. This bug is fixed by changing the initial number before conversion. Try adjusting paddings in the elements to remove this unwanted white line.

Ensure that the font-size, line-height, padding, margin, and any other pixel values are divisible by 4 to help mitigate potential issues.

Fixing Text Issues

If you have several different styles and font sizes (usually due to copying and pasting from a separate document), you will need to remove these. Remove any <span> tags for the best results.

There you have it. It’s possible to create and send beautiful HTML email templates through Outlook, but you have to keep a few things in mind and be patient to adjust a few issues as they arise.

Export Email as an Image

Postcards email builder offers a unique opportunity to convert the design to images only. If you insert the images in Outlook, you’ll avoid HTML formatting problems.

Export Email as an Image

Postcards Email Builder and Outlook

On Postcards email builder, we take care of our Outlook customers by offering several options to export Outlook email templates. Below you will find some useful articles:

We recommend using our “Insert HTML by Designmodo” plugin in the web version of your Outlook account. Using this method will result in fewer design issues compared to using the desktop version of Outlook.

Key takeaway: We recommend using a professional email-sending platform rather than Outlook, but we know this isn’t always the most practical option. For more, read our post on Why You Should Not Use Outlook or Gmail for Email Marketing

Browse our professionally designed email templates and get inspired to create even more impactful messages for your client.

Updated on May 27, 2024
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